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Then we come to the major aspects. Mars and Uranus last met at the anaretic degree of Aries in The two were conjunct Pluto back then. Still researching the changes that brought about! Cardinal Grand Crosses are both conflicting and challenging, yet dynamic and motivating.

Spiritual Physicality: Mutable Grand Cross

We are being asked to initiate something new in our lives and in the collective. Mars in Aries is about action and will. Uranus is the rebel, the revolutionary and Pallas is creative intelligence and The Nodes are our collective karma and dharma, points where we must release some old patterns and move towards the new. It does, however, have a shocking feel to it. Pallas is quite the warrior where injustice is concerned, especially in Libra, and Mars is also warrior energy.

There will be sudden moments of awakening and major light bulb moments too. Like striking a multi colored flame of enlightenment. Stay in your center as much as possible.

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Your Cosmic Blueprint. Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

Daily almost Astrology About Louise. Astrology Feb 12th Louise Edington Follow. The aspects are Ceres in Sagittarius square to Vesta in Pisces.

Your Cosmic Blueprint. Kick Ass Astrologer and Writer. We've been watching these two planets dance together for the better part of the last decade, and Uranus' culmination in the final degree of Aries will likely bring a dramatic burst as it finally leaves the sign of Aries early in March.

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Watch for themes related to power, authority, violence, and aggression to be in the spotlight. It's a good time to confront whatever is most malignant or corrupt, but be careful of a "might makes right" attitude.

The Grand Cross or Grand Square as a Supportive Structure

With the addition of the learning and communication ruler, this T-square offers a great opportunity to revolutionize your thinking. We are asked to make this conscious and balanced, however, Chiron in Pisces trining the planets in Cancer now asks us to go deeper and amplifies and potentizes the intuition, spiritual aspiration, practice, and wisdom of this period. Cardinal Crossroads What is the Cardinal Cross? Can we stand or sit in that? In case it may be helpful to you, in case you are feeling daunted by the concept or experience of some kind of unbridgeable distance or never-the-two-shall-meet kind of feeling related to parts of yourself or your life or both I am adding this afternote. Not much is going to get in its way without feeling like it was just run over by a steamroller.

This brings some levity and sensitivity to the situation, which may be a silver lining. Venus and Uranus in a fiery trine will excite a spirit of cooperation, even while emphasizing the same themes of power, strength, and will.

Astrology Feb 12th 12222. Friction!

When you add the square from Venus to Chiron in Pisces, there is an underlying emotional sensitivity that may contribute and create an opportunity for understanding, healing, and diplomatic breakthroughs in relationships. All Venus ruled things may start to look and feel a little more grave, wise, sober, and mature, but also possibly a bit more rigid or depressive.

This transit brings fireworks to an already explosive moment for Uranus. This has the potential to be a very forceful and erratic moment. Even the most passionate and courageous actions can easily fly off the handle. Be careful of the tendency for accidents, recklessness, and combative oneupmanship games.

On the other hand, this surge of yang energy may easily create a breakthrough or "aha" moment exactly when it's most needed. Mars can be incredibly industrious in the sign of Taurus but also inert, rigid, and controlling. It's a make or break moment for Venus and Saturn! There is a lot more to say about this.