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Scotland benefits greatly from EU immigration, as it does by the ability to send its sons and daughter abroad to other European nations. Ever since the mediaeval period Scottish thinkers and academics have benefited from teaching and studying in Europe, and the founding of the Scots College in Paris and also in Rome became centres of intellectual activity by the Scottish people abroad.

Following the capture of the UK crown by the Hanoverian dynasty, many Jacobite Scottish intellectuals went into voluntary exile in France and elsewhere in Europe and brought many features of advanced Scottish intellectual activity.

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One of the most famous was Chevalier Ramsay who introduced freemasonry into France, which in turn influenced whole generations of French and European intellectuals. This means the immediate end of any attempt at great power status by the rump UK state, and the nuclear weapons base at Faslane will have to be relocated on to English soil, as the Scottish nationalist government would insist they are removed from Scotland once independence is achieved.

There are three types of Brexiteer responses when you explain this to them.

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The first type is simply too rude to listen, and interrupts and literally will not listen to the concerns. This response shows simply that the listener has not thought this through. Would you not immediately demand to get out? Who would come into this picture?

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These would be extremists who have no love for the UK and indeed want to see it collapse. They include some extreme right wing American USA citizens, hard right wing republican types, who are anti Monarchy, who hate the liberal and democratic UK system, who are extreme conservatives and want to bring back the death penalty, etc. Some of these types work for the CIA and have been involved in dodgy intelligence work for decades.

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For them breaking up the UK is only a sideshow which completes the work that the USA revolution failed to achieve in The fact that the monarchy would almost certainly also collapse following the breakup of the UK is another thing they will cheer about. Such propagandists are responsible for all the virulent anti-Windsor propaganda that we see on our internet screens. Another type of people who might actually enjoy the breakup of the UK are extremist Muslims who would hope to see the break up the UK and its being in a period of uncertainty and economic and spiritual collapse, and the possible end of the monarchy, as a period in which the Kingdom of Allah would be advanced.

The rich oil states are in general in favour of Brexit and have helped bankroll the brexit campaigns. They think they will benefit from a UK outside the EU, and not knowing anything about the politics of Ireland or Scotland, do not realise that with the UK broken up, London will cease to be a valuable financial centre and that England, outside the EU, will simply collapse as a wealthy nation of any consequence. At this point the Arab Sheiks and their oil money will move elsewhere.

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The Russians however have a very long memory, and it is possible that some extremist Russian patriots might be laughing as they think of the prospect of the breakup of the UK as a result of completely idiotic own goal of the UK at pursuing Brexit, against their self-interest as a nation. The only Russian who were cheer at this prospect however are anti-democratic and illiberal types who would see it as karmic pay back for all the years that the UK has interfered in Russian affairs, including in Afghanistan. A few other billionaires and very wealthy people around the world might think that if the UK is autonomous and outside the EU they can benefit personally from having a relaxed banking regime, and being able to carry on with dodgy financial operations in the city of London without too many questions being asked — the kind of people who base their offices in the Cayman islands, and who were exposed in the Panama Papers.

Such extremist political Zionists, not knowing anything much about Irish and Scottish history, will simply be ignorant of the impact of the breakup of the UK long term. When your explain it to them, however, as the editor has done, that it is the equivalent of Galilee region and the whole of Northern Israel and Haifa voting to leave Israel and become and independent state again, would you approve? The penny begins to drop. They would see it as the final revenge of Yahweh over the British. Such extreme Zionists are usually also extremely anti-Christian and would also like to see the destruction of the UK and the destruction of the British monarchy, as a hated relic of mediaeval Christianity, which deserves to die a death.

Just as extreme Zionists give little credence to Christ or to Christianity, and believe he was a false messiah, so they will be able them to say to themselves, watching the self-destruction of the British nation, that it proves Christ was indeed a false messiah. The average intelligent Israeli of course does not share these views, and would be shocked if Mossad had indeed helped engineer Brexit, but there are certainly some darker extreme Zionist people in influential offices in Israel who would actually love Brexit to go ahead — doing as much damage to the Uk and to Europe is part of their own agenda for promoting Israel.

They imagine themselves to be the descendants of the Maccabeans of the Hasmonean dynasty that ruled Judea in the 1st and 2nd centuries and revolted against the Greeks, and of the Jewish population that rebelled against the Roman Empire in 66 CE, which led to the destruction of the second temple and their final exile. So now they are planning on reclaiming Judea and the third temple, not considering everybody and everything that happened in that region since then. These fundamentalist religious Jews calling themselves Zionists have taken over education and culture in Israel and now over the army, which as strange as it may sound, was once the source of positive developments.

Very recently, a declaration led and signed by 70 previously highly regarded army commanders of the IDF demanded the Netanyahu government to reinforce a two-state solution, which it refuses to do. Some people never learn… history repeats itself… and progress in cultural consciousness is very slow despite technological developments.. It was precisely this kind of extremist position that Rabbi Yeshua of Galilee spoke out against in his own day. Of course we all want a beautiful, peaceful, happy and joyful Israel living in harmony with all their neighbours, with human rights for all citizens, but not if it means destroying the entire world and all other nations.

That is utterly shocking, but may be part of what has been going on behind the scenes. Brexit is not only a struggle going on inside British hearts, but it raises also the same kinds of issues egotistic nationalism or altruistic internationalism that are going on inside Israeli and Jewish hearts worldwide. My learned late Rabbi friends Rabbi Albert Friedlander and Rabbi Hugo Gryn of London, and most other British Jews I have known over my life, would be appalled at the ignorance of brexit and the danger it is putting our nation in.

This kind of thinking will end in world war three as humanity crashes out of the curriculum we are currently following in planet earth. Such extreme ideology that would take us to the brink of planetary self destruction, as well as the self-destruction of the UK, is literally an anti humanist ideology, and it deserves to be exposed as a danger to planet earth. Although the Welsh narrowly voted in favour of brexit in , they were in fact misinformed, misled and deliberately lied to about it all.

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I would put it to you therefore that for your own good, as well as or your heirs and successors, you would be advised to do all you can to immediately prevent brexit happening, by advising your prime minister to hold a second referendum and to enact the necessary legislation at once to make this possible including suspending article Obama and Michelle twice stepped from of their limousine and out onto Pennsylvania Avenue to walk down the route taking them to the White House. The courts ruled that since the referendum was advisory only, it was not something that could be annulled. The UVF forces withdrew, and thought mistakenly they had killed everyone, but two survivors finally made it to a local hospital after having feigned to be dead, and one of them has now written his story Travers, Stephen, The Miami Showband Massacre. I have as a professional historian made it my business to find out what I can about the history of the commons as an institution.

The new inspired Welsh Plaid Cymru leader, has recently said that given a choice between being part of a rump UK intent on brexit, without Northern Ireland or Scotland, then Wales would also be much better going it alone as a n independent nation inside the EU, that part of a rump UK with only England left as a companion, outside the EU. From now on the Welsh will become more and more vociferous in their demands for an independence referendum, and for the stopping of brexit.

Whole regions of Wales stand to suffer if Wales leaves the EU, and anyone with a modicum of common sense has realised that Brexit is entirely again the self-interest of Wales, just as it is against the self interests of the UK as a whole.

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The latest opinion polls show that the mood in Wales has swung over now to a majority seeking to keep Britain inside the EU. Dear Queen Elizabeth II, I was born in in Canada three years after you became Queen, and therefore have always lived under your sovereignty as a loyal and devoted subject of Your Majesty. I have no outer political power or office and have never striven for such.

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I believe that you are a person of great integrity and realise the responsibilities that high office brings. I am writing to you in good faith with the confidence and hope that this is truly so. Why has this current government interpreted the referendum results as a mandate for an absolute Brexit? In my work as a political scientist and philosopher of peace over many years teaching at both the Universities of London and Oxford, I have never known of such a fatal miscalculation. The immediate consequences of this policy will result in the citizens of Northern Ireland being given a referendum by choice to join with the Republic of Ireland and remain in the European Union.

All the demographics point to this as an almost certain outcome. Likewise the people of Scotland will lawfully demand a second independence referendum, and this time will vote for becoming an independent nation state within the European Union. As a loyal subject to Your Majesty, I am utterly appalled and shocked at the shortsightedness of the conservative sic ruling cabal in implementing a policy which is not a legal requirement, has no real actual popular support nationwide, and is going to result in the breakup of the UK.

Have they completely lost their minds? It is my understanding that you have a constitutional duty as Monarch to defend the integrity of your realm.

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I assure you that if you consult with any genuine academics, constitutional experts, legal advisers, political scientists etc. If you are being told otherwise the Scots will back down, the Northern Irish are not serious, etc. Melbourne was appreciated by Queen Victoria as a great Liberal Prime Minister, precisely because he told her the truth, not because he told her what she wanted to hear. We seem to be lacking statesmen and stateswomen of his calibre nowadays.

While it is interesting to know of your views, I must explain that as a constitutional sovereign, Her Majesty acts on the advice of her Ministers and remains strictly non-political at all times. Well at least she has been warned. It is interesting that 7 days later the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigned, and Theresa May finally announced what kind of brexit she wanted — i.

So perhaps my letter had some use in triggering this decision. This has shone a new light on our perceptions of how peace can best be served, and from our new base in France, we have been even more active in international peacemaking and scholarly work for peace than we were in Scotland.

Only two hours from Paris, we have also been keeping our eyes on developments in international intellectual affairs, and have now become the European coordinating body for the World Intellectual Forum in Europe. We have many friendships with colleagues across Europe. We have added some colour and presence to the scattered peace museums of Europe and as such have become the only peace museum in France to welcome visitors.

People can come here and visit for a tour, or they can stay overnight or for longer periods. We have had many visitors come and see the museum for a tour from many countries and many different parts of the world. NO such legislation exists in the USA.

The UK arms industry was lobbying hard at that time to ensure that the UK would leave the EU so as not to be affected by this legislation. The strong probability is that Saudi Arabian money ended up being used in the hands of the brexiteers extremists to lobby and gerrymander so that the UK voted to leave the European Union in that very same period. All the major right wing newspapers of the UK are pushing for this policy which is so utterly against the obviously national interests of the UK that there has to be some other explanation. Such sustained illogic is usually the result not just of a temporary melt-down of common sense, but a sustained and bitter departure from normal logical forms of self interest.